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-**<fs x-large>Christopher Kimmel, Ph.D.</fs>**+**<fs x-large>Chris Kimmel</fs>**
 //Chief Innovation Officer - Informatics Research Institute | UL Lafayette//\\ //Chief Innovation Officer - Informatics Research Institute | UL Lafayette//\\
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 ====Education==== ====Education====
-  +BS – Computer Science | Southeastern Louisiana University | 1995 - 1998
 ====Biography==== ====Biography====
 +Chris is a proven operational leader in leading and effectively executing enterprise-wide implementations, transforming organizational performance, and driving value through operational efficiencies, financial results, and successful business outcomes. He is a multi-faceted, highly analytical, and results-driven professional with demonstrated capabilities to think critically and assess opportunities effectively, while leveraging technology to solve highly complex problems. A trusted, respected, and inclusive business leader with a forward-thinking and innovative approach, and the ability to engage employees at all levels of the organization from individual contributors to C-suite executives.
 +Chris is a software engineer by heart and has led large Software Development Divisions as well as IT Managed Services and Call Centers with operational leadership and P&L responsibilities throughout while leveraging his analytical and structured logical mindset.
 +Louisiana Army National Guard | Staff Sergeant | 415th Military Intelligence | 1990 - 1996
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