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 **<fs x-large>Joonas Himmanen</fs>** **<fs x-large>Joonas Himmanen</fs>**
-{{:personnel:joonas_himmanen.jpg?200 |}}+{{:personnel:joonas_himmanen.jpg?300|}}
-**Graduate StudentUniversity of Jyväskylä**+//Student University of Jyväskylä//\\
-**Email:** [[]]+====Contact Information====
-**Biography:** Research assistant at JYU's StartupLab. +**Email:** [[]]\\ 
-Startupping my own company, Duality. 
 +  * University of Jyväskylä | Master's degree, Information Systems | 2016 - 2022\\ 
 +Research assistant at JYU's StartupLab.\\ 
 +Startupping my own company, Duality.\\ 
 +====Involved Projects (Student)==== 
 +  * [[projects:year10:10a.002.jyu_wp9|10a.002.JYU_WP9 - IoB@work]]\\ 
 +  * [[projects:year9:9a.006.jyu|9a.006.JYU - Beyond PoC: Ethically aligned design, measurement and visualization of human interaction and business strategy execution]]\\ 
 +  * [[projects:year8:8a.019.jyu|8a.019.JYU - PoC for Statistical Modeling and Visualization of Human Cognition and Strategic Business Data (STRATOS)]]\\
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