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Welcome & Introductions

Arie Kaufman, PhD

CVDI Site Director | Stony Brook University

Yaco Shamesh, PhD

Co-Chair of CEWIT Advisory Board | Stony Brook University

IUCRC Program Objectives

Behrooz Shirazi, PhD

CISE/CNS IUCRC Program Director | National Science Foundation

Dr. Shirazi highlighted the IUCRC model in detail. A particular discussion was focused on benefits on IUCRC partnership as well as thoughts on Phase III planning. He also focused on “Key Steps to Success”. Also, an interesting comment was possible changes to the Phases in the upcoming solicitation. He commended CVDI on being a well respected and well-run IUCRC within NSF. Slides are here:

Donald Davis, PhD

Assessment Coordinator | National Science Foundation

Dr. Davis highlighted the role of the Assessment Coordinator and why it is important to follow NSF guidelines/preferred practices for success. Center success is dependent on an active and participative IAB. Presentation is here:

Guest Speaker

Purna Prasad, PhD

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer | Northwell Health

Presentation is here:


Center Updates

Vijay Raghavan, PhD

CVDI Director | University of Louisiana at Lafayette Presentation is here:

Qatar University Introduction

Nasser Ahmed Al-Emadi, PhD

Head of Electrical Engineering Department | Qatar University Presentation is here:

Year 8 Project Update

Poster Session #1

[8a.004.UVA] General Techniques for Explaining/Interpreting Deep Neural Networks (PI: Peter Beling)

[8a.005.UVA] Improved Decision Making for Autonomous Systems (PI: Cody Fleming)

[8a.006.UL] Visual Analytics of Real-time Hospital EmergencyDepartment Operations: A Human-Centric Approach (PI: Raju Gottumukkala)

[8a.008.UL] Data-Driven Analytics of Multi-Sensor Environmental Observations, with a Case Study on Flood Prediction and Warning Applications (PI: Emad Habib)

[8a.012.SBU] The Intelligent Dashboard with Blockchain-enabled Collaboration Capabilities (PI: Klaus Mueller)

[8a.013.SBU] Medical Insurance Claim Prediction (PI: Minh Hoai Nguyen)

[8a.022.SBU] Immersive Health Data Visualization (PI: Arie Kaufman)

[8a.014.TAU-WP1] Real-Time data collection, anomaly detection, localization and classification at the edge(PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

[8a.014.TAU-WP2] Real-Time Health Monitoring System – Energy Efficient and Privacy-Preserving (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

[8a.014.TAU-WP3] Advanced Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

Poster Session #2

[8a.014.TAU-WP4] Self-taught and semi-supervised learning (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

[8a.014.TAU-WP5] Fully-automated Myocardial Infarction Detection Using Echocardiography (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

[8a.014.TAU-WP9] Joint Communication and Control in Large Fleets of Autonomous Vehicles (PI: Evgeny Kucheryavy)

[8a.019.JYU] PoC for Statistical Modeling and Visualization of Human Cognition and Strategic Business Data (STRATOS) (PI: Pekka Abrahamson)

[8a.021.UH] Reinforcement Learning and Alternative Truth Discovery in Augmented Media Analysis Use Case (PI: Dorota Glowacka)

[8a.023.SBU] Medpod Remote Diagnostic System (PI: Arie Kaufman)

[8a.024.SBU] Movement/Mobility Visual Analytics from Sensor Data - Phase II (PI: Dimitris Samaras)

[8a.025.SBU] Micro-Ranging System for Remote Image-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery in Head and Neck (PI: Arie Kaufman)

[8a.026.UVA] Graph Reinforcement Learning for Smart Manufacturing (PI: Peter Beling)

[8a.027.UNCC] Real-time Public Health Events Identification, Analysis, and Visualization from Social Media Data (PI: Wenwen Dou)

Discussion on Commercializing CVDI’s Research Results

Led by Mouli Narayanan CVDI IAB Member | Zeblok
Presentation is here:

Year 9 Project Direction

Matti Vakkuri CVDI IAB Chair | Tieto
Sumit Shah (Sitting in foir Will LaBar CVDI IAB Co-Chair) | CGI
CVDI Site Directors

IAB Research Areas for Year 9:
• Visualization and Data Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Ethics
• Cybersecurity
• Human Centric

What the IAB wants:
• Multi-University Projects
• Multi IAB Projects
• Cross-Collaboration with International Partners
• Fewer projects but larger, more collaborative projects.
• Multi-year projects (funded by year)

Behrouz comments:
Very disturbed is what is he is hearing with CVDI. IUCRC is not about IAB selecting individual projects. We do too much “contract” work that we are hiding as IUCRC projects. IAB needs to act as a board of directors to decide which projects need to be supported. We have to move away from “token” voting. It does not fit the IUCRC model. You cannot come to meetings with the funding decision on projects already made without discussion with all IAB. You all have to end the one IAB and one University approach. 90% of centers have a center approach with funding. All funding in a single bucket, the IAB rank the projects and then funding is allocated until the money runs out. CVDI will need to be able to justify true collaboration when/if you apply for Phase III. Same for overall success. All sites need to be successful and collaborative.

Notes for Site Director Meeting:
-NSF and AC very concerned that the IAB were actually presenting projects
-As long as we are siloed we will never be more than a 'C' Center.
-CVDI is not a Center but a confederation of individual centers.
-CVDI is not following the IUCRC model/strategy.
-LifeForm approach is unacceptable

-Future direction: Phase I or Phase III
-Arie: Phase I: Machine Learning for Imaging
-NSF: Machine Learning & AR/VR are the hot topics
-Arie comments that the Center is running well and shouldn't be changed.
-Phase III requires 5 members and NSF only provides $50K for operational fees.
-NSF has 65 IUCRC in CISE and none are in Phase III. All Phase I or Phase II.
-Moncef: TUA feels comfortable with their IAB and support for Phase III.
-Moncef: Current agreements are open-ended and apply to Phase III
-Moncef: Phase I will mean new agreements with all potential IAB.
-Peter: UVa has lost CA, Capital One and Northrop Grumman. Only have 2 members this year. Concerned about applying for Phase III while on probation.
-Vijay: We should consider Phase III if we are able.
-Peter: There is a good chance that UVa, Drexel, UNCC would probably not be in Phase III proposal. How can you justify Phase III? NSF would not be positive on granting Phase III to a Center that is hemorrhaging members in Phase II.
-Arie/Vijay: We need two plans. One for Phase III and one for Phase I.
-Henry: We need to get NSF input (Behrouz or Ann) on direction before moving forward.
-Vijay/Raju: We need to be aware of the potential changes in the upcoming solicitation.
-Matt: IAB Recruitment/Retainment, IMO, should be our first priority. Without healthy IAB membership we cannot do Phase I or Phase III.

IAB Meeting TO DOs

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