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Meeting Agenda

Meeting Final Registration List

Meeting Video Recordings

LINK to Meeting Video (Part 1):

LINK to Meeting Video (Part 2):

Year 9 Master Slides

Meeting Evaluation Survey Results

Year 9 Project Updates

9a.006.JYU_Beyond PoC: Ethically Aligned Design, Measurement and Visualization of Human Interaction and Business Strategy Execution
(PI: Pekka Abrahamsson | Univeristy of Jyvaskyla)

9a.007.UH_Summarizing Search Results with Dynamic Exploratory Search Captions
(PI: Dorota Glowacka | Univeristy of Helsinki)

9a.008.UL_Privacy-aware Stress & Activity Recognition Using Wearables in Hospitals
(PI: Raju Gottumukkala | University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

9a.012.SBU_The Intelligent Dashboard with Blockchain-Enabled Collaboration Capabilities
(PI: Klaus Mueller | Stony Brook University)

9a.016.UVA_A Data Driven Approach to Jointly Modeling Intent for Navigating Heterogeneous Agents
(PI: Peter Beling | University of Virginia)

9a.027.UNCC_Real-time Public Health Events Identification, Analysis, and Visualization from Social Media Data
(PI: Wenwen Dou | University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

9a.028.UL_Deep Learning Tool for Automatic Detection of Invasive Tegus from Camera Trap Photos
(PI: Henry Chu | University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

State of the Center Poster

Year 9 Project Update Poster Template

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


This template must be completed and submitted for all guests (outside organizations) attending the meeting.

INSTRUCTIONS: If NDA is acceptable to the Guest/Outside Organization, please contact Aeriel Frederick (Compliance/Development Officer) at and provide the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Address
  • Signatory's Name
  • Signatory's Title
  • Signatory's Email

Aeriel will then finalize the NDA and get it routing. The Outside Organization will sign via UL Lafayette's DocuSign system.

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