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About This Event

The meeting and accommodations was held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Marriott near the main campus. Our IAB members, researchers, and students came together to network, review Year 10 project updates, and plan for the future.

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

IN-PERSON ATTENDEES: All events will take place in the Mallard Creek Room (Marriott Hotel) - refer to the agenda


Meeting Attendees

"State of the Center" Poster

"CVDI Intellectual Property (IP)" Presentation

Master Slide Show

Meeting Zoom Recordings

If you were not able to make it, below are the video recordings of the meeting.

CVDI IAB Fall Meeting (Morning Session - Part 1 of 3)

CVDI IAB Fall Meeting (Morning Session - Part 2 of 3)

CVDI IAB Fall Meeting (Morning Session - Part 3 of 3)

CVDI IAB Fall Meeting (Afternoon Session - 12:30PM ET)

Year 10 Project Progress Feedback Results (LIFE FORM)

Meeting Post-Evaluation Survey Results

Year 10 Project Update Presentation Template

Year 10 Project Update Presentations

10a.001.UL_TAU - AnonyTrack: A Privacy-aware People Localization and Tracking Within Buildings with Multi-modal Learning (PI: Raju Gottumukkala)

10a.002.TAU_WP1 - COVID-19 Severity Grading Using Chest X-ray Images (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP2 - Early Myocardial Infarction Detection by Echocardiography (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP3 - Early Anomaly Recognition System (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP4 - Computationally Efficient Graph-Embedded Subspace-Learning Methods (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP5 - Confidence Estimation in Neural Network for Illumination Estimation (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP6 - Operational Support Estimator Network (OSEN) for Sparse Support Estimation and Learning-aided Compressive Sensing (PI: Moncef Gabbouj)

10a.002.TAU_WP7 - Learning-aided Mobile THz Communication (PI: Evgeny Kucheryavy) 10a.002.tau_wp7_update_presentation_fall_meeting_2021.pdf

10a.002.TAU_WP8 - Decision Intelligence for Mission Critical Business Decisions (PI: Pekka Abrahamsson)

10a.002.TAU_WP9 - IoB@work (PI: Pekka Abrahamsson)

10a.005.UL_TAU - Improving Drowsiness and Fatigue Prediction of Drivers with Multi-modal Representation Learning and Information Fusion; Application to Traffic Safety (PI: Raju Gottumukkala)

10a.006_UL - Application-Domain-Agnostic Anomaly Detection in Blockchain Transaction Graphs (PI: Mehmet Engin Tozal)
10a.006.ul_update_presentation_fall_meeting_2021.pdf (This copy does not include animation) 10a.006.ul_update_presentation_fall_meeting_2021.pptx (This copy includes animation)

10a.008_UL - Decentralized and Distributed Deep Learning for Industrial IoT Devices (PI: Xiali Sharon Hei )

10a.016.SBU - Developing Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) Assistant Using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning (PI: Rong Zhao)


Contact Sally Johnson | CVDI Project Coordinator
615.319.0535 |

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