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IP Disclosure (Years 1-10)


Year 10 - Funded Projects

Project Name PIs/Co-PIs
10a.001.UL_TAU AnonyTrack: A Privacy-Aware People Localization and Tracking Within Buildings with Multi-Modal Learning Raju Gottumukkala & Moncef Gabbouj
10a.002.TAU_WP1 COVID-19 Severity Grading Using Chest X-Ray Images Moncef Gabbouj & Serkan Kiranyaz
10a.002.TAU_WP2 Early Myocardial Infarction Detection by Echocardiography Moncef Gabbouj & Serkan Kiranyaz
10a.002.TAU_WP3 Early Anomaly Recognition System Moncef Gabbouj & Serkan Kiranyaz
10a.002.TAU_WP4 Computationally Efficient Graph-Embedded Subspace-Learning Methods Moncef Gabbouj & Jenni Raitoharju
10a.002.TAU_WP5 Confidence Estimation in Neural Network for Illumination Estimation Moncef Gabbouj, Jenni Raitoharju & Alexandros Iosifidis
10a.002.TAU_WP6 Operational Support Estimator Network (OSEN) for Sparse Support Estimation and Learning-Aided Compressive Sensing Moncef Gabbouj
10a.002.TAU_WP7 Learning-Aided Mobile THz Communications Evgeny Kucheryavy
10a.002.JYU_WP8 Decision Intelligence for Mission Critical Business Decisions Pekka Abrahamsson
10a.002.JYU_WP9 IoB@work Pekka Abrahamsson
10a.005.UL_TAU Improving Drowsiness and Fatigue Prediction of Drivers with Multi-Modal Representation Learning and Information Fusion: Application to Traffic Safety Raju Gottumukkala, Moncef Gabbouj, Satya Katradgadda & Ravi Teja Bhupatiraju
10a.006.UL Application-Domain-Agnostic Anomaly Detection in Blockchain Transaction Graphs Mehmet Engin Tozal
10a.008.UL Decentralized and Distributed Deep Learning for Industrial IoT Devices Xiali (Sharon) Hei & Li Chen
10a.014.SBU Object Recognition Under Various Illumination Conditions
(This is a multi-year project.)
Dimitris Samaras & Arie Kaufman
10a.015.SBU Data Collection on Remote Telehealth
(This is a multi-year project.)
Arie Kaufman, Dimitris Samaras, Minh Hoai Nguyen & N. Balasubramanian
10a.016.SBU WikiLearn: A Next-Generation Content Repository and Learning Platform Rong Zhao & Arie Kaufman
10a.017.SBU Parallel GPU Cluster Workload Scheduling & Computing for Machine Learning
Arie Kaufman

Year 9 - Funded Projects

Project Name PI
9a.001.UL Solving Data Integration and Inter-data Relationships from a Wide Variety of Data Sources Emad Habib
9a.006.JYU Beyond PoC: Ethically aligned design, measurement and visualization of human interaction and business strategy execution Pekka Abrahamsson
9a.007.UH Summarizing Search Results with Dynamic Exploratory Search Captions Dorota Glowacka
9a.008.UL Privacy-aware Stress & Activity Recognition Using Wearables in Hospitals Raju Gottumukkala
9a.009.TAU Advanced Machine Learning for Industrial Application - Partially Supporting Measures Against COVID-19 (Work Packages 1-6) Moncef Gabbouj
9a.010.SBU Web Canvas for Immersive Display Ecologies Arie Kaufman
9a.011.SBU Foundational Workload Scheduling and Parallel Computing Stack for Tensor and Mathematical Operations for AI and Quantum Workloads
This project is inactive.
Arie Kaufman
9a.013.SBU Micro-ranging System for Remote Image-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery in Head and Neck Dimitris Samaras
9a.014.SBU Object Recognition Under Various Illumination Conditions Dimitris Samaras
9a.015.SBU Data Collection on Remote Telehealth Arie Kaufman
9a.016.UVA Data Driven Approach to Jointly Modeling Intent for Navigating Diverse Agents
This project is inactive.
Peter Beling
9a.018.UVA Improving Model Performance via Private Multi-Party Leaning of Hidden Features
This project is inactive.
Peter Beling
9a.027.UNCC Real-time Public Health Events Identification, Analysis, and Visualization from Social Media Data Wenwen Dou
9a.028.UL Deep Learning Tool for Automatic Detection of Invasive Tegus from Camera Trap Photos Henry Chu

Year 8 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
8a.004.UVA General Techniques for Explaining/Interpreting Deep Neural Networks Peter Beling
8a.005.UVA Improved Decision Making for Autonomous Systems Cody Fleming
8a.006.UL Visual Analytics of Real-time Hospital Emergency Department Operations: A Human-Centric Approach Raju Gottumukkala
8a.008.UL Data-Driven Analytics of Multi-Sensor Environmental Observations, with a Case Study on Flood Prediction and Warning Applications Emad Habib
8a.012.SBU The Intelligent Dashboard with Blockchain-enabled Collaboration Capabilities Klaus Mueller
8a.013.SBU Medical Insurance Claim Prediction Minh Hoai Nguyen
8a.014.TAU Advanced Machine Learning for Industrial Applications (AMaLIA-2019) (6 Work Packages) Moncef Gabbouj
8a.019.JYU PoC for Statistical Modeling and Visualization of Human Cognition and Strategic Business Data (STRATOS) (2 Work Packages) Pekka Abrahamson
8a.021.UH Reinforcement Learning and Alternative Truth Discovery in Augmented Media Analysis Use Case (1 Work Package) Dorota Glowacka
8a.023.SBU Image-based Dynamic Scene Analysis Arie Kaufman
8a.024.SBU Movement/Mobility Visual Analytics from Sensor Data - Phase II Dimitris Samaras
8a.025.SBU Micro-Ranging System for Remote Image-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery in Head and Neck Arie Kaufman
8a.026.UVA Graph Reinforcement Learning for Smart Manufacturing Peter Beling
8a.027.UNCC Real-time Public Health Events Identification, Analysis, and Visualization from Social Media Data Wenwen Dou

Year 7 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
7a.001.UL Fault-tolerance Strategies for Handling Data-streams on Edge-Networks: Application to Smart Buildings Raju Gottumukkala
7a.002.SBU The Data Voyager - Interactive Visualization of Multivariate Data with Joint Data & Dimension Reduction and Continuance of the Intelligent Dashboard project Klaus Mueller
7a.003.UL Ontology-based Fast Semantic Indexing for Structured and Unstructured Data in Health Care Satya Katragadda
7a.004.DU Large-scale Probabilistic Anomaly Detection from Text and Its Application to Medical Records Xiaohua Tony Hu
7a.005.UL_UVA A Cyberinfrastructure System for Real-Time Flood Forecasting in Low-Relief Coastal Plain Basins Emad Habib & Peter Beling
7a.007.DU Novel Methods for Data Integration and Information Extraction over Complex Heterogeneous Data Yuan An
7a.010.UL Event Detection and Classification from Live Video Streams Khalid Elgazzar
7a.013.UVA Privacy Preserving Multi-Party Analytics Peter Beling
7a.014.UVA Data-Driven Dynamic Models for Exploring Systemic Risk with Unknown Inputs William Scherer
7a.016.DU A Continual Learning Framework for Domain Adaptation and Provenance Tracking Gail Rosen
7a.018.UL_UVA A Comprehensive Data Integrity/Trust Approach for IoT Infrastructures Stephen Adams & Khalid Elgazzar
7a.019.DU Image Informatics for the Characterization of Molecular Subtypes in Breast Carcinoma Tissue David Breen
7a.020.UVA Deep Learning and Adversarial Learning in Credit Card Fraud Peter Beling
7a.021.TUT Early Detection of Myocardial Infarction Using Echocardiogram Images Moncef Gabbouj
7a.022.TUT Unsupervised Color Constancy using Adversarial Learning Moncef Gabbouj
7a.024.TUT Real-Time Data Analytics Using Edge Computing Infrastructure with Application for Smart City Moncef Gabbouj & Jenni Raitoharju
7a.025.TUT Multimodal Data Integration in Intelligent Buildings Moncef Gabbouj
7a.026.TUT Improving Speech Recognition Robustness Moncef Gabbouj
7a.028.TUT Co-Botics - Intelligent Cooperating Robots and Humans - Phase-II Alexandros Iosifidis
7a.029.TUT Very Fast Nearest Neighbor Retrieval in High-Dimensional Domains Petri Myllymäki & Teemu Roos
7a.032.UVA Development of Human and Machine Predictive Maintenance and Care Service Based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Peter Beling
7a.035.UVA Improved Decision Making for Autonomous Systems Cody Fleming
7b.041.SBU Medical Insurance Claim Prediction (Proposed Project) Minh Hoai Nguye
7b.042.SBU Immersive Data Visualization (Proposed Project) Arie E. Kaufman
7b.043.SBU Dynamic Scene Analysis (Proposed Project) Arie E. Kaufman
7b.044.SBU Human Behavior from Insole Sensor Data (Proposed Project) Arie E. Kaufman

Year 6 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
6a.001.TUT Automatic Face Completion and Restoration Moncef Gabbouj
6a.002.TUT Monitoring & Advance Warning for Cardiac Arrhythmia Using PCG & ECG Moncef Gabbouj
6a.006.TUT Learning (Scene & Object Recognition) from Few Examples Moncef Gabbouj
6a.008.TUT Co-botics: Intelligent Cooperating Robots & Humans Moncef Gabbouj
6a.009.TUT Nature vs. Nurture: Analyzing the Interplay of Meme- & Social Graph Node Attributes Petri Myllymäki
6a.010.DU Log-Based Anomaly Detection Through Correlation & Behavior Analysis for Cybersecurity Xiaohua Tony Hu
6a.013.DU 3-D Information Visualization Based on Citation Mining and Cognitive Computing Yuan An
6a.019.DU Ontology as a Service (OAAS) Jane Greenberg
6a.020.UL Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure Khalid Elgazzar
6a.022.UL Mitigating Concept Drift for Time-Varying Domains Through Adaptive Learning Jian Chen & Jennifer Lavergne
6a.025.UL An Ontology-based Architecture for Providing Insights Raju Gottumukkala & Vijay Raghavan
6a.027.SBU The Intelligent Dashboard Klaus Mueller
6a.029.SBU Trusted Certification of Complex, Dynamic Cyber-Physical Systems Rob Kelly
6a.050.UL Enabling Mobile Visual Analytics Khalid Elgazzar
6a.051.UVA IoT Data Trustworthiness and Sentinels Stephen Adams
6a.052.UVA Privacy Preserving Multi-Party Analytics Steven Boker
6a.053.UVA Assistive Agents for Self-Represented Litigants Matthew Gerber
6a.054.UVA Reinforcement Learning Approaches to Intent Inference in Autonomous Vehicles Peter Beling
6a.055.UVA Data-Driven Dynamic Models for Exploring Systemic Risk William Scherer
6a.056.UVA Development of Human & Machine Predictive Maintenance & Care Service Based on Industrial IoT Peter Beling
6a.057.UVA Learning Knowledge Search Techniques in the Law and Other Domains Michael A. Livermore
6a.058.UVA Adversarial Learning in Credit Card Fraud Peter Beling
6a.060.UL Detecting and Identifying Wildlife Animals From Images Using Deep Learning Henry Chu


Year 5 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
16.01 Platform Invariant Low-Level Image Processing Moncef Gabbouj
16.02 Patient Specific Framework for Biomedical Signal Management Moncef Gabbouj
16.03 Face Recognition and Verification System Moncef Gabbouj
16.04 Automating Operational Response Planning and Execution Based on Business Situational Awareness on Social (and Other) Media Petri Myllymäki
16.05 High Dimensional Data Reduction, Sampling and Visualization for Big Data Applications Xiaohua Tony Hu
16.06 Developing an Incremental and Active Learning Framework for Evolving High-Volume Data Streams Gail Rosen
16.07 An N-Point Statistics Framework for Predicting Tissue Traits in Biomedical Images David Breen
16.08 Machine Learning Ensemble in MapReduce for Predictive Analytics Jian Chen & Jennifer Lavergne
16.09 Comparative Knowledge Discovery: Analyzing, Understanding and Visualizing Rankings Raju Gottumukkala
16.10 Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Graphs with Enhanced Sampling and Summarization Christoph Borst & Mehmet Engin Tozal

Year 4 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
15.1 Information Retrieval on Multiple Data Sources Using Graph-Based Methods Ali Shokoufandeh
15.2 Predicting Future Relations:Incremental and Robust Link Prediction Vijay Raghavan, Raju Gottumukkala & Ryan Benton
15.3 Big Data Analysis in Social Media Applications Xiaohua Tony Hu & Moncef Gabbouj
15.4 Graph Sampling, Summarization, and Touch-Based Visual Analytics for Large Complex Systems Christoph Borst & Mehmet Engin Tozal
15.5 Online Mining for Association Rules and Collective Anomalies in Data Streams Jian Chen
15.6 Transforming Data Adaptation Science and Service: An Innovative Visual Ontology Application Jane Greenberg & Xia Lin
15.7 Holistic Approach to Meme Evolution in Social Graphs Petri Myllymäki
15.8 Let the Image Speak (Real time image captioning based on object detection and localization) Moncef Gabbouj, Serkan Kiranyaz, Iftikhar Ahmad & Alexandros Iosifidis
15.9 Learn-to-Segment by Operational Object Segmentation Networks Moncef Gabbouj & Serkan Kiranyaz

Year 3 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
14.1 A Predictive Analytics Framework for Spatio-Temporal Hotspots Jian Chen
14.2 Analyzing, Modeling, and Summarizing Social Media and Linked Data Sets Xiaohua Hu
14.3 Visual Analytic Approaches for Mining Large-Scale Time-Evolving Graphs Raju Gottumukkala
14.4 Novel Methods for Hidden Relation and Error Detection Yuan An
14.5 Multi-Level & Multi-Source Visual Analytics of Evidence-Based Knowledge Diffusion Processes Chaomei Chen

Year 2 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
13.1 Semantic Information Extraction, Integration, and Visualization for Big Data Analytics Yuan An
13.2 Large-scale Social Media Analytical Tools with Application to Detecting Emerging Events Xiaohua Tony Hu & Ryan Benton
13.3 Visual Analytic Approaches to Mining Large-scale Time-Evolving Graphs Raju Gottumukkala
13.4 A Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Approach for Fraud Detection Jian Chen
13.5 Scalable Visualization, Gap Analytics for Multiple Big Data Industry Sectors Chaomei Chen

Year 1 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
12.1 Social Media for Decision Informatics with Application to Emerging Event Ryan G. Benton
12.2 Social Media for Decision Informatics with Application to Healthcare Management Christopher Yang
12.3 Multi-Industry Semantic Discovery Tool Sets for Data Integration, Data Warehousing, and E-Science Yuan An
12.4 Visualization of Multivariate Spatiotemporal Data Carolina Cruz-Neira
12.5 Real-Time Analysis and Visualization of Multi-dimensional Sensor Data Raju Gottumukkala
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