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 **Objectives:** **Objectives:**
-  - Develop an integrated and extensible process and series of prototypes for gap analyticsportfolio analysiscompetitive intelligence surveillance, and large-scale longitudinal evaluative assessments across heterogeneous data sources and a variety of units of analysis over time  +The objective of this project was to detect the onset of events using social media, especially twitter streams.   To accomplish this, we (a) developed a new method to detect the onset of events(b) studied topic evolutionwhich takes unstructured time stamped data as input and identify, in an unsupervised mannerthe latent topics and how these topics evolve and (c) generate simplistic visualization of the arrival tweets.
-  - Design and develop innovative and robust algorithms to support a flexible workflow of gap analytic tasksincluding modeling dynamic high-dimensional data in terms of visualizations of fitness landscapesidentifying and tracking critical paths over fitness landscapes, and analyzing the dynamics of trajectories and other indicators of complex adaptive system  +
-  - An extensible and adaptive platform will be built to demonstrate applications in 2~3 priority domains based on recommendations of industry partners and available data sources +
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== Project - Team ===== ===== Project - Team =====
-^ Team Member    ^ Role              ^ Email          ^ Phone Number   ^ Academic Site/IAB +^ Team Member        ^ Role              ^ Email                ^ Phone Number    ^ Academic Site/IAB 
-Chaomei Chen   | PI                | Not available  | Not available  Drexel University  +Ryan G. Benton     | PI                | Not available        | Not available   UL Lafayette       
-Ryan Benton    | Site Coordinator  | Not available  | Not available  | UL Lafayette       | +Chaomei Chen       | Site Coordinator  | Not available        | Not available   | Drexel Univeristy  
-| Wanying Ding   | Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University +| Jian Chen          | Co-PI             | Not available        | Not available   | UL Lafayette       | 
-Meen Chul Kim  | Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University +| Raju Gottumukkala  | Co-PI             |   | (337) 482-0632  | UL Lafayette       | 
-Qing Ping      | Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available  Drexel University  |+| Wanying Ding       | Graduate Student  | Not available        | Not available   | Drexel University 
 +Satya Katragadda   | Graduate Student  |  | (337) 482-0625  | UL Lafayette       | 
 +| Sonal Pardeshi     | Graduate Student  | Not available        | Not available   | Drexel University 
 +Shahid Virani      | Graduate Student  | Not available        | Not available   UL Lafayette       |
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 ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits ===== ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-Three dimensional fitness landscapes provide intuitive representations of potentially complex situationsSuch representations provide the basis to which additional information concerning the performance of an organization can be superimposed. Users will benefit from the intuitive and informative representations. Furthermoreproviding stable framework that enables many more functionalities for gap analytic tasks.+**Onset Event Detection** 
 +The EDO method could, for Emergency Event Managemers, provide advanced warning (or confirmation) of disasters/emergencies In the case of advanced warningthis allows them to react in a more timely fashion, while, in the confirmation mode, it allows them to gauge potential impact.   This could also be of use to news organizations, who often need to know what are new, potentially interesting (or news worthy) stories.
 +**Topic Modeling**
 +Currently, there is no evidence except the comparative study.
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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 ===== Project - Documents ===== ===== Project - Documents =====
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