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 ===== Project - Summary ===== ===== Project - Summary =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-**Objectives:**+Data analysis is a critical component of every business decision making and management process. A wide variety of systems are used to provide a quick and easy to understand overview of important events within the business. A widely used approach for managing these tasks is web-based dashboard systems. While these are effective at presenting information, they are very limited in terms of interactivity and exploration. They provide a good way to show what is going on, but they fall short of being able to answer why.  
 +The primary objective of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of providing interactive visualization capabilities for large-scale data (millions of records) within a web browser environment to potentially enable seamless integration into/extension of existing dashboard systems.  
 +To evaluate the basic capabilities and limitations of a Javascript-based web browser environment we built and benchmarked a set of basic visualizations using industry-standard techniques. These turned out to be severely limited in terms of scalability, making them totally unsuitable for use on realistic datasets. To avoid these limitations we designed and prototyped a totally different approach that moves as much of the visualization data and process as possible into the graphics hardware using WebGL. This includes not only the rendering of the graphical primitives but also the data storage, data selection and primitive generation steps. 
 +The developed feasibility demonstrator can handle datasets with more than a million records at interactive rates, proving that it is indeed feasible to use a web browser environment for interactive, real-time information visualization tasks. This fact provides a great motivation for continuing the work and exploring more complete and flexible data representations and visualization methods.
-  - Develop an integrated and extensible process and a series of prototypes for gap analytics, portfolio analysis, competitive intelligence surveillance, and large-scale longitudinal evaluative assessments across heterogeneous data sources and a variety of units of analysis over time  
-  - Design and develop innovative and robust algorithms to support a flexible workflow of gap analytic tasks, including modeling dynamic high-dimensional data in terms of visualizations of fitness landscapes, identifying and tracking critical paths over fitness landscapes, and analyzing the dynamics of trajectories and other indicators of a complex adaptive system  
-  - An extensible and adaptive platform will be built to demonstrate applications in 2~3 priority domains based on recommendations of industry partners and available data sources  
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== Project - Team ===== ===== Project - Team =====
-^ Team Member    ^ Role              ^ Email          ^ Phone Number   ^ Academic Site/IAB +^ Team Member            ^ Role              ^ Email          ^ Phone Number   ^ Academic Site/IAB 
-Chaomei Chen   | PI                | Not available  | Not available Drexel University  +Carolina Cruz-Neira    | PI                | Not available  | Not available UL Lafayette       
-Ryan Benton    Site Coordinator  | Not available  | Not available  | UL Lafayette       | +Dirk Reiners           Co-PI             | Not available  | Not available  | UL Lafayette       | 
-Wanying Ding   Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University +Dimitri Perkins        Researcher        | Not available  | Not available  | UL Lafayette       | 
-Meen Chul Kim  Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University +| Xia Lin                | Researcher        | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University 
-Qing Ping      | Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available Drexel University  |+Tony Grubessic         Researcher        | Not available  | Not available  | Drexel University 
 +Murali Krishna Pusala  | Graduate Student  | Not available  | Not available UL Lafayette       |
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 ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits ===== ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-Three dimensional fitness landscapes provide intuitive representations of potentially complex situations. Such representations provide the basis to which additional information concerning the performance of an organization can be superimposed. Users will benefit from the intuitive and informative representations. Furthermore, providing a stable framework that enables many more functionalities for gap analytic tasks.+The described method allows the use of significantly larger data sources for interactive visualization inside a web browser environment, potentially enhancing the abilities of analysis and visualization packages for a wide variety of application areas
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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 ===== Project - Documents ===== ===== Project - Documents =====
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