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 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-  * Internet-of-things (IoT) is an established concept with many solution proposals and application domains. IoT deals with devices that are interconnected and exchange data and information. When the data becomes processed and stored in the cloud, customer behaviors, preferences and interests can be better understood is referred to as Internet-of-behavior (IoB). IoB approaches the IoT from the human perspectiveseeking to provide understanding how the data should be understood.  +  * Internet of Behavior (IoB) is a hot topic in understanding consumer behavior and has lately seen increasing interest in the workplace domain as wellbut not much in academia so far
-  * In the context of the project, the aim of the IoB is to capture, analyze, understand and respond to all types of human behaviors in work context. Work behaviors of people are captured using emerging technological innovations and machine learning algorithms.  +  * The **objective** of the IoB@Work project is to find suitable models of predicting human behavioral events, and passively encourage positive behavior
-  * In an experimental settingpeople’s work behaviors are monitored and (dis)incentives are applied to influence them to perform towards a desired set of operational parameters. IoB is allows the transformation from only descriptive (analyzing behavior), to proactive influencing. +  * In this projectour **goal** is to build understanding on how can IoB be utilized in improving wellbeing in a knowledge intensive work environment. In order to have means to build this understanding, following subgoals need to be met and understood: 
-  * In an experimental setting, the project aims at detecting which psychological variables to influence to bring about a certain outcome. +     - What are the behavior events affecting work wellbeing? 
-  * The application domains of this project include professional work places with highly skilled and educated workforce such as software companies, consultants, architectsdesigners and doctors  +     - How to detect behavioral events of interest? 
 +     - How to measure and quantify behavior? 
 +     - How to encourage positive behavior with the means of IoB? 
 +  * In our approach to operationalize IoB in workplace context we aim for minimal intrusion into employees' privacy by: 
 +     - utilizing ECCOLA in the design and implementation prase, and 
 +     - building the experimental data collection platform in laboratory context.
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== Project - Team ===== ===== Project - Team =====
-^ Team Member        ^ Role            ^ Email                          ^ Phone Number  ^ Academic Site/IAB               +^ Team Member                                              ^ Role            ^ Email                         ^ Phone Number     ^ Academic Site/IAB        
-| Pekka Abrahamsson  | PI              |                     | University of Jyväskylä         +| [[about:personnel:pekka_abrahamsson|Pekka Abrahamsson]]  | PI              |      358 40 541 5929  | University of Jyväskylä  
-| Joni Kultanen      | Researcher      |                       | University of Jyväskylä         +| [[about:personnel:joni_kultanen|Joni Kultanen]]          | Researcher      |        358 40 628 1871  | University of Jyväskylä  
-| Teemu Autto        | Student         |                 | University of Jyväskylä         +| [[about:personnel:teemu_autto|Teemu Autto]]              | Student         |  N/A              | University of Jyväskylä  
-Joonas Himmanen    | Student                                                      | University of Jyväskylä         +Antti Kariluoto                                          | Student         N/A                           358 44 062 9059  | University of Jyväskylä  
-Joonas Uusnäkki    | Student                                        |               | University of Jyväskylä         | +Mikko Virtaneva                                          | Project Mentor  358 44 703 9200  Workspace                |
-| Jukka Lassila      | Project Mentor                Multimentor Ltd                 | +
-|                    |                                                |               | **Funded by: Multimentor Ltd**  |+
 ===== Project - Novelty of Approach ===== ===== Project - Novelty of Approach =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-  * IoB is a hot topic in understanding consumer behavior, and has lately received quite a bit of interest in the workplace domain. Capturing desired behavior at work, understanding the mechanisms that drive it and being able to respond accurately are increasingly important capabilities. New methods are required to capture the behavior and the influencing factors.  +//See "Project Summary" section above.//
-  * Current IoB capturing solutions are developed for consumer markets and we need to experiment how they can become operationalized in a workplace context without too much intrusion into workers’ privacy. This is why ECCOLA is used in the design and implementation phase and laboratory context used as the experimental data collection platform+
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== Project - Deliverables ====== ===== Project - Deliverables ======
-^    ^ Deliverables                                                                       +^    ^ Deliverables                                                                                                                                                                             
-| 1  | Method for capturing IoB                                                           +| 1  | IoB-laboratory setting - estabishment (done) and iterative improvement and implementation of new interventions / stimuli in the experimental setting                                     
-| 2  | Software based on existing methods written in MATLAB/Python/C++                    +| 2  | Case study on the controlled IoB-experiment at Workspace Oy premises - preparation, execution and writing an article                                                                     
-| 3  | Open hardware prototype based on an existing hardware                              +| 3  | ECCOLA case study - ethically aligned design of non-invasive measurement system                                                                                                          
-| 4  | 3 reports (experimental setupresults and lessons-learned)                        +| 4  | Longitudinal study: follow-up article for "COVID-19 Remote Work: Body StressSelf-Efficacy, Teamwork, and Perceived Productivity of Knowledge Workers"                                  
-| 5  | 1 ECCOLA case study (ethically aligned design of non-invasive measurement system |+| 5  | Article on the effects of the meeting space to interaction - comparison of interaction in more traditional meeting room and "phone booth" style meeting space                            | 
 +| 6  | Article on the :Changes in the space" experiment: how do a new overall design of office and added attractors change the use of space and the preferred locations for social interaction 
 +| 7  | Further publications/reports on the results and lessons-learned on detecting, measuring, quantifying, and (dis)incentivizing behavior with the means of IoB                              |
 ===== Project - Benefits to IAB ===== ===== Project - Benefits to IAB =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-IAB member organizations operate in several industries that all have common needs to optimize different fields of their operations for profitabilityquality, and productivity. Decision Intelligence for mission critical business decisions project aims to provide means for aligning the decisions on complex business problems with organizational strategic objectives, and to provide organizations capabilities to make more optimized strategic decisions for improved business capabilities.   +  * Means to detectmeasurequantify and (dis)incentivize behavior affecting wellbeing in a knowledge intensive work environment 
 +  * Understanding on what kind of behavior / behavioral patterns influence work wellbeing - positively or negatively 
 +  * Potentially improve effeciency and productivity on employees through higher staff satisfaction / work wellbeing
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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 ===== Project - Documents ===== ===== Project - Documents =====
-{{ :meetings:spring2021:10a.002.jyu_wp8_executive_summary_04.09.2021.docx |}}\\ +{{ :meetings:spring2021:10a.002.jyu_wp9_executive_summary_04.09.2021.docx |}}\\ 
-{{ :meetings:spring2021:10a.002.jyu_wp8_pitch_slides.pptx |}} +{{ :meetings:spring2021:10a.002.jyu_wp9_pitch_slides.pptx |}}\\ 
 +{{ :projects:year10:10a.002.jyu_wp9_update_presentation_fall_meeting_2021.pdf |}}\\ 
 +{{ :projects:year10:10a.002.jyu_wp9_update_presentation_fall_meeting_2021.pptx |}}\\ 
 +{{ :projects:year10:10a.002.jyu_wp9_project_update_spring_2022.pptx |}}
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