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10a.015.SBU - Data Collection on Remote Telehealth

Project - Summary


Goals: Framework for collecting dynamic scenes in telehealth systems using multiple cameras and microphones. Images coming from cameras identified as humans vs background will be separated, and sounds coming from microphones identified as speech will be separated.

Novelty: Develop applications that can collect dynamic scenes involving patients and healthcare providers, differentiate speech from other sounds, and videos of humans from background.

This is a multi-year project started in Year 9.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Arie Kaufman PI (631) 632-8441 Stony Brook University
Dimitris Samaras Co-PI Stony Brook University
Minh Hoai Nguyen Co-PI Stony Brook University
N. Balasubramanian Co-PI Stony Brook University
Shawn Mathew Student (516) 306-1876 Stony Brook University
Parmida Ghahremani Student Stony Brook University
Viresh Ranjan Student Stony Brook University
Heeyoung Kwon Student Stony Brook University
Bhuvnesh Kumar Student Stony Brook University
Souradeep Chakraborty Student Stony Brook University
Lou Lavino Project Mentor Medpod
Funded by: Medpod

Project - Deliverables

1 Dataset Creation
2 3D Reconstruction
3 Design & validate object recognizer baseline
4 Shadow & shading removal model
5 Combine illumination correction & object recognizer

Project - Benefits to IAB

  • Object recognition model with application in real-scenarios where non-uniform illumination effects its performance.
  • Shadow, shading, and illuminant removal framework will be useful to pre-process images for various other tasks.
  • Proposed dataset will be helpful for not only object recognition but also to learn different tasks such as shadow removal, object segmentation, etc.

Project - Documents

This is a multi-year project started in Year 9.

Below is a project update presented at the 2021 CVDI IAB Spring Meeting.


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