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14.5 - Multi-Level Visual Analytics of Evidence-Based Knowledge Diffusion Processes

Project - Summary

The project aims to develop enabling and integrative techniques for multi-level and multi-source gap analytics across heterogeneous units of analysis. Building on the single-source gap analytics work in our CVDI Year 2 project, the project will support the entire workflow of gap analytics involving multiple sources. Prototypes will demonstrate the visual analytic workflow through key application cases such as translational and evidence-based medicine (esp. portfolios of clinical trials, medicine research, health informatics), user behavior in complex adaptive systems (e.g., interactive events initiated from users of a diversity level of experience, how do users’ interactive behaviors differ between different levels?). Predictive studies of trigger events and trajectories of systemic changes, and compliances with and evolutions of clinical regulations and guidelines. The objectives are to 1) develop computational solutions to visualize how information moves across multiple heterogeneous sources, 2) develop prototypes of representative cases in the areas of translational medicine, predictive analysis of in transformation from basic science to innovations, and the adherence to clinical guidelines, and 3) develop a core API to support the common features relevant to individual cases.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Chaomei Chen PI Not available Not available Drexel University
Meen Chul Kim Graduate Student Not available Not available Drexel University

Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits

The resultant prototypes would provide technical insights for the potential design of commercial products and fundamentally improve an organization’s ability to assess a complex and evolving system.

Project - Deep Dive

Project - Documents

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