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15.9 - Learn to Segment

Project - Summary


  • To develop novel methods for supervised salient object segmentation task that provides many industrial applications such as camera autofocusing, advertisement assessment, etc.
  • To provide general trainable segmentation systems to the industrial partners such that each partner can train its own network in accordance with their application of interest.
  • To research novel Neural Network structures and to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed models for salient object segmentation task.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Moncef Gabbouj PI Not available Not available Tampere University
Serkan Kiranyaz PI Not available Not available Tampere University
Caglar Aytekin PhD Student Not available Not available Tampere University

Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits

Industrial partner can train this system for any object classification task that it desires. Such systems can serve the companies that are dealing with computer vision problems such as camera smart object auto-focusing, advertisement assessment, face detection, and many other applications basically including any object/region detection task.

Project - Deep Dive

Project - Documents

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