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 ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits ===== ===== Project - Impact and Uses/Benefits =====
 <WRAP leftalign box > <WRAP leftalign box >
-A supervised camera invariant color constancy algorithm is immediately applicable to camera industry. with such method, the dependency on unsupervised methods somewhat general but inferior performance can be eliminatedMoreover, the need of training a machine for each specific camera is also unnecessary thanks to color-conversion approachWith this methodone can only train a color constancy algorithm for one camera and immediately apply this CNN for other methodsThe only need is the color conversion pre-processing step which loads almost no computational complexity on top of the color constancy algorithm. Although since this method is also supervisedone needs the camera spectral sensitivity of the cameras used. This information is very easy to be obtained compared to the very heavy task of collecting a new database of each camera and training a network for each camera.+The expected impacts and exploitation of the project's results are listed as follows: 
 +1Scientific area: 
 +  * Contributing to better understanding of the mechanism of the physiological event such as  epileptic seizure. This is beneficial for diagnosis, prediction, treatment, and research purposes. 
 +2. Technology area: 
 +  * Unordered List ItemInnovativeaccurate and cost effective algorithm for seizure detection devices and epilepsy medical environmentsSpecificallyimproving the accuracy of long-term EEG screening.
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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 ===== Project - Documents ===== ===== Project - Documents =====
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