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6a.050.UL - Enabling Mobile Visual Analytics

Project - Summary

Inspired by the exponential proliferation of mobile devices of different form factor, this project enables context-aware visual analytics on mobile devices to support informed decision making on the go. Mobile devices can sense and provide a wide range of real-time context information that can significantly improve the decision-making process. However, mobile devices are intrinsically resource-constrained while visual analytics techniques are resource-intensive and require significant computational power that mobile devices cannot attain. Therefore, we propose to leverage cloud/edge computing to support context-aware mobile visual analytics through computation offloading.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Khalid Elgazzar PI Not available (337) 482-6875 UL Lafayette
Raju Gottumukkala Co-PI Not available (337) 482-0632 UL Lafayette
Christoph Borst Co-PI (337) 482-1023 UL Lafayette
Sayani Sarkar Student / Graduate Assistant Not available UL Lafayette
Henry Chu Project Mentor Not available (337) 482-0617 LITE Center

Project - Deliverables

1 Lightweight rendering algorithm to fit resource-constrained environments.
2 Mobile app to run visual analytics in healthcare domain.
3 Context-aware platform to manage real-time context.
4 A computation offloading mechanism to split computations between mobile devices and supporting computing infrastructure.

Project - Presentation Video

Project - Documents

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