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6a.051.UVA - IoT Data Trustworthiness and Sentinels

Project - Summary

This research project developed algorithmic approaches to evaluating the trustworthiness of data in large internet of things (IoT) networks. This project focused on the trust assessment of individual pieces of data as it moves through an IoT network. This is different from constructing trust models for individual nodes in the network. We defined trustworthiness as a measure of how closely data supplied to an end user matches the data true value of the data at the source. Data can be corrupted either through natural degradation of the system or by intentional malicious attacks, such as cyber attacks. In this project, we do not distinguish between the two and desire a methodology that can adequately evaluate trustworthiness in both circumstances.

This project utilized a smart home energy consumption data set in its analysis. This data set was originally constructed to predict energy consumption of appliances within the house. However, several IoT devices were used to collect environmental data within the home. In the original study that collected the data, the sensor data, coupled with weather data, was used to create data-driven models for predicting the energy consumption. We first built a simulation of the data so that we could inject noise and faults into any data stream within the data set. Next, we developed a data-driven algorithm for estimating a trust score for data collected by the IoT network. The trust score is estimated using information from the other sensors in the network and does not rely on past data from the sensor.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Stephen Adams PI Not available (434) 924-8082 University of Virginia
Peter Beling Co-PI Not available (434) 982-2066 University of Virginia
Steven Greenspan Project Mentor Not available Not available CA Technologies

Project - Deliverables

1 Literature review
2 Code for existing trust models
3 Simulation test bed
4 New trust models

Project - Presentation Video

Project - Documents

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