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6a.056.UVA - Development of Human & Machine Predictive Maintenance & Care Service Based on Industrial IoT

Project - Summary

A framework was developed for using machine learning algorithms on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from a smart manufacturing production line to build a product quality prediction model. Among several different algorithms, the Random Forest based approach applied on a production dataset yielded prediction accuracies were better than in other related publications. In addition, a framework for providing operational and maintenance decision support to decision-makers from IIoT data was developed. A hierarchical modeling framework for describing the information and control flow was developed as a way to model the smart manufacturing system. A simulation that mimics a smart manufacturing system with IIoT capabilities was developed to be used as a testing environment for the solution algorithm. And finally, a solution approach using reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms to optimize decision making was developed.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Peter A. Beling PI Not available (434) 982-2066 University of Virginia
Stephen C. Adams Co-PI Not available (757) 870-4954 University of Virginia
Benjamin Choo Researcher (434) 806-4096 University of Virginia
Taejin Kang Project Mentor Not available U-Angel

Project - Deliverables

1 Diagnostic and Prognostic Models
2 IIoT Enabled Factory Model
3 IIoT Enabled Factory Simulation
4 Decision Support Solution
5 Reference and Public Dataset Search

Project - Presentation Video

Project - Documents

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