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7a.025.TUT - Multimodal Data Integration in Intelligent Buildings

Project - Summary

Data plays a vital role in future intelligent buildings. Fortunately, the incoming 5-G technology will enable us to collect data continuously. Data may be collected from a variety of data sensors, such as CO2 meters, thermometers, etc., or IoT devices, such as cameras. Nevertheless, privacy protection during data collection is an important issue. For example, in a human tracking system that uses videos, we may need to hide people's faces to keep people's identify private. Our aim in this project is to create a monitoring/data collection system that protects privacy, which is energy efficient and suitable for any type of sensory signals.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Moncef Gabbouj PI +358 (400) 736613 Tampere University
Jenni Raitoharju Co-PI +358 50 447 8418 Tampere University
Nikolaos Passalis Co-PI Not available Not available Tampere University
Mehmet Yamac Researcher Not avaiable Not available Tampere University
Matti Vakkuri Project Mentor 358 40 512 6894 Tieto
Steven Greenspan Project Mentor Not available Not available CA Software

Project - Novelty of Approach

  • We will tackle the problem in the dynamic settings using subspace learning methods
  • We will develop a robust and discriminative learning method to tackle the noisy data

Project - Deliverables

1 Creating a data collection system which preserves both energy and privacy of users
2 Creating a multiclass encryption system upon (1), which satisfies joint compression and encryption with different levels of recovery quality
3 Creating a data hiding system for the data collected
4 Formulate a multimodal model for data analysis
5 Efficient implementation and integration to prototype

Project - Benefits to IAB

For any kind of data collection/sharing sensory devices installed in an intelligent building, the proposed scheme provides low-cost compression, encryption, and data anonymization in data collection, sharing, and analytics.

Project - Presentation Video

LINK:h (6:28 minutes)

Project - Documents

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