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7b.042.SBU - Immersive Data Visualization

Project - Summary

In this project, we developed a framework for the immersive visualization of healthcare demographics collected by Softheon. Softheon generates comprehensive real-time analytics of member demographics, geographic, transactional, and financial data of health plans, State-Based Marketplaces, and third-party administrators. Utilizing Stony Brook University Reality Deck’s large screen real estate, we developed a platform for Softheon to visualize their analysis in giga-pixel resolution. Using our platform, data visualizations can be interactively placed anywhere within the four-walled tiled-display facility and thus, the immersive, 360o horizontal field-of-view workspace will allow users to experience a natural focus + context exploration of the data, in a collaborative environment.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Arie E. Kaufman PI (631) 632-8428 Stony Brook University
Saeed Boorboor Student Not Available Stony Brook University
Yicheng Lin Student Not Available Not Available Stony Brook University
Eugene Sayan Team Mentor Not Available Softheon

Project - Deliverables

1 Develop an application that can render data visualizations in the Reality Deck
2 Develop a plug-in that can render webpages
3 Develop a framework for remote collaboration with the data shown in the Reality Deck using a head-mounted display device

Project - Documents

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