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8a.019.JYU - PoC for Statistical Modeling and Visualization of Human Cognition and Strategic Business Data (STRATOS)

Project - Summary

Physical workspace can have a notable impact on the work performance, level and quality of interaction, and the stress levels of the employees of an organization. Understanding the impacts of the physical workspace enables and justifies improving the performance of an organization through improvements in the physical workspace. Business consultants are working in a very data-intensive field, in which gathering, manipulating, and utilizing data plays a crucial role. As the amount of data continuously grows, so does the workload of a business consultant. Automating a part of a consultant's work helps in improving the efficiency of the work and produces savings in time and resources when the consultant can focus on more demanding tasks. In this project we sought for an understanding on how stress, self-efficacy, teamwork and perceived productivity correlated in a remote work setting, and built a research setting for measuring interaction in a physical workspace - which can be utilized in the next phase, when employees are able to return back to their offices after the COVID-19 situation is no more as severe as currently. Other part of this project focused on utilizing AI/ML in automating the valuation of a company and providing a business consultant means to work more efficiently in their more basic tasks with the help of automation.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Pekka Abrahamsson PI Not available University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Kai-Kristian Kemell Researcher Not available University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Ville Vakkuri Researcher Not available University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Polina Feshchenko Student 358 40 041 0263 University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Abrar Hossain Student Not available Not available University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Joonas Himmanen Student Not available University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Joni Kultanen Student 358 40 628 1871 University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Antti Kariluoto Student 358 44 285 2431 University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)
Mikko Virtaneva Project Mentor 358 44 703 9200 Workspace Oy
Jukka Lassila Project Mentor 358 50 1810 Multimentor Oy
Company Support: Workspace Oy & Multimentor Oy

Project - Novelty of Approach

  • Human cognition and performance, and business strategy data present new domains for Machine Learning applications
  • Ethics viewpoint and EAD taken into account
  • Participating companies are SMEs

Project - Deliverables

1 A list of metrics used to measure workplace interaction performance through ML
2 Build the measurement device & obtain data to be used to train the AI using ML
3 An AI trained through ML as part of the Proof-of-Concept
4 PoC ready to be tested

Project - Benefits to IAB

We have submitted a paper with title “COVID-19 Remote Work: Body Stress, Self-Efficacy, Teamwork, and Perceived Productivity of Knowledge Workers” to the 21st International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement (PROFES 2020) for this project.

Project - Documents

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
8a.019.jyu.1_final_report.docx2.6 MiB2020/08/17 16:51
8a.019.jyu-wp8-mid-year-report-stratos-multimentor.docx242.2 KiB2020/02/27 09:16
8a.019.jyu-wp7-mid-year-report-stratos-workspace.docx241.8 KiB2020/02/27 09:16
8a.019.jyu_year_8_project_proposal_pekka_abrahamsson.pdf617.0 KiB2019/09/18 17:26

Life Form Feedback

Year 8 Project Poster Session Feedback (Fall 2019)
Real name Great Progress On Course Needs Change Off Course Abstain
Kimmo Valtonen (kimmo.valtonen)     
Sumit Shah (sumit.shah)     
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