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8a.025.SBU - Micro-Ranging System for Remote Image-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery in Head and Neck

Project - Summary

The existing hardware of the micro-ranging system consists of a micro-camera (400×400 pixels), an illumination system (~30K pseudo-random laser dots), and a fixturing device holding the camera and illuminator source with the required baseline and working distance from the imaging field. The first steps of this CVDI project have been: (a) design and develop the calibration procedure for the system, (b) test calibration for stability/repeatability, © image depth processing of phantoms to generate 3D map, and (d) overlaying of topological map with white-light wide-field image of phantoms. The project further involves an in-depth analysis of the system in terms of its spatial and temporal accuracy and stability, describing its performance limits and generating recommendations for improving the system. The optimal display of the 3D map/widefield image overlay need to be explored. This step provides numbers for the accuracies throughout the imaging field. In addition, the project involves the incorporation of the information from the phantom 3D maps generated by the micro-ranger into the angular (r1, r2) space of the Risley prism pair to aim the laser and correct for the parallax caused by to the baseline of the system. The outcome of this sub-project will be the incorporation of the laser aiming system with the micro-ranging system resulting in an Image Guided Laser Aiming and Delivery System with Parallax Error Correction.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Arie Kaufman PI (631) 632-8441 Stony Brook University
Dimitris Samaras Co-PI (631) 632-8464 Stony Brook University
Minh Hoai Nguyen Co-PI (631) 632-8460 Stony Brook University
Sagnik Das Student Not available Stony Brook University
Zekun Zhang Student Not available Stony Brook University
Shawn Mathew Student (516) 306-1876 Stony Brook University
Jerry Korten Project Mentor Not available ColdSteel Laser
Ricardo Toledo-Drow Project Mentor No available Not available ColdSteel Laser
Funded by: ColdSteel Laser

Project - Novelty of Approach

No previous work to compare.

Project - Deliverables

1 Convert micro-camera image to topological map
2 Characterize limits of topological extremes
3 Provide ray instructions to laser pointing software

Project - Benefits to IAB

  • Micro-ranging system with an accuracy of 300 μm or less with application in laser operation, circuit manufacturing, etc.
  • The potential of the micro-ranger to provide the surgeon, operating on a larynx, with an enhanced representation of the field through the use of 3D graphic overlays.

Project - Documents

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
8a.025.sbu_final_report.pdf978.6 KiB2020/09/08 14:13
8a.025.sbu_executive_summary.docx49.4 KiB2019/09/30 11:31

Life Form Feedback

Year 8 Project Poster Session Feedback (Fall 2019)
Real name Great Progress On Course Needs Change Off Course Abstain
Kimmo Valtonen (kimmo.valtonen)     
Sumit Shah (sumit.shah)     
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