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8a.027.UNCC - Real-time Public Health Events Identification, Analysis, and Visualization from Social Media Data

Project - Summary

The objective of this proposed project will be to support the Systems Applications and Integration Branch (SAIB) in:

  1. enhancing the collection of large volume of geographic/location specific data from a variety of social media platforms
  2. leverage Artificial Intelligence techniques to expand technical abilities to extract, exploit, and visualize the emerging trends related to public health events that would otherwise lie hidden in the large and unstructured data repository

The outcome of the proposed project will be a web-based visualization platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence techniques to support the identification and visulization of the population health in critical areas of interest.

The platform will contribute to anticipatory public health informatics frameworks to inform operational and strategic commands, thus enhancing Department of Defense decision-making capabilities.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Wenwen Dou PI Not available University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alireza Karduni Student Not available Not available University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rick Myskey Project Mentor Not available Army Geospatial Center
Funded by: Army Geospatial Center

Project - Novelty of Approach

The project team will collaborate closely with subject matter experts and target users throughout the project in order to produce a set of validated analysis methods and a well-designed visualization dashboard that directly benefit the target users and their organizations.

Project - Deliverables

1 PHASE I: Successful extraction of sentiment, emotion, and geospatial information from the collected data (90 DAC)
2 PHASE I: An interactive prototype that will be shared with the sponsor (150 DAC)
3 PHASE II: Delivering an interactive visualization dashboard developed in the ESRI geospatial portal (210 DAC)
4 PHASE II: Providing demos, presentations, and training to use the visualization dashboard (275 DAC)

Project - Benefits to IAB

  • the proposed visualization platform will improve time sensitive public health event identification
  • the proposed visualization platform will augment the ability to discover new information in a geospatial context to understand the health and security challenges of any region remotely
  • the proposed visualization platform will augment the PHI-MATICS capability to increase awareness and responsiveness and guide the efficient allocation of resources to assist partner nations

Project - Documents

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Life Form Feedback

Year 8 Project Poster Session Feedback (Fall 2019)
Real name Great Progress On Course Needs Change Off Course Abstain
Kimmo Valtonen (kimmo.valtonen)     
Sumit Shah (sumit.shah)     
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