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9a.007.UH - Summarizing Search Results with Dynamic Exploratory Search Captions

Project - Summary

Query suggestions have been shown to benefit users performing information retrieval tasks. In exploratory search, however, users may lack the necessary domain knowledge to assess the relevance of query suggestions with respect to their information needs. The project investigates the use of alternative queries in exploratory search. Alternative queries are queries that would retrieve similar search results to those currently visible on-screen. They are independent of the original search query and can, therefore, be updated dynamically as users scroll through search results. In addition to being follow-on queries, alternative queries serve as keyword summaries of the current search results page to help users assess whether results are inline with their search intents. We investigated the use of alternative queries in scientific literature search and their impact on user behavior and perception. In a user study, participants inspected half as many documents per query when alternative queries were present, but were exposed to over 40% more search results overall. Despite using them extensively as follow-on queries, user feedback focused on the summarization properties offered by alternative queries; finding it reassuring that documents were relevant to their search goals.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Dorota Glowacka PI 358 50 465 2956 University of Helsinki
Alan Medlar Co-PI 358 50 448 4626 University of Helsinki
Kimmo Valtonen Project Mentor N/A N/A M-Brain
Funded by: M-Brain

Project - Novelty of Approach

  • Research to enable fast creation of captions summarizing presented search results
  • Research to enable visual navigation and interactive user feedback on search captions
  • Combining traditional lexical methods with word embeddings for online interactive search caption creation
  • Dynamic creation and visualization of search captions – previous approaches were based mostly on a static and pre-defined set of keywords

Project - Deliverables

1 Prototype document search system augmented with dynamic search captions
2 Lexical and neural network models for dynamic search caption creation

Project - Benefits to IAB

In the user study, we saw that the presence of query suggestions dramatically impacts user behavior: users issue more queries, investigate fewer documents per query, but are exposed to more documents overall. From a user behavior perspective, it appears that query suggestions aid users in the decision-making process of whether or not to terminate the current phase of their information seeking, i.e. whether to reformulate the search query or continue scrolling through the current search results.

Project - Documents

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