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9a.013.SBU - Micro-ranging System for Remote Image-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery in Head and Neck

Project - Summary


  • Test an independent micro-ranging remote image guided endoscopic system for surgeries in head and neck.
  • Generate a 3D profile of the surgical field and allow the laser steering algorithm of the device to correct the laser path accordingly, adjusting for variations in the depth of field.
  • Estimate system parameters, camera calibration, noise, artifacts, etc. and run experiments on small-scale samples.

Project - Team

Team Member Role Email Phone Number Academic Site/IAB
Dimitris Samaras Co-PI (631) 632-8464 Stony Brook University
Arie Kaufman Co-PI (631) 632-8441 Stony Brook University
Minh Hoai Nguyen Co-PI (631) 632-8460 Stony Brook University
Shawn Mathew Student (516) 306-1876 Stony Brook University
Sagnik Das Student N/A Stony Brook University
Zekun Zhang Student N/A Stony Brook University
Jerry Korten Project Mentor N/A N/A ColdSteel Laser
Ricardo Toledo-Crow Project Mentor N/A N/A ColdSteel Laser
Funded by: Cold Steel Laser

Project - Novelty of Approach

  • Micro-ranging sub-system based on the current state of the art image sensor and a structured light source – for remote image-guided surgeries.
  • Calculation of 3D depth map of surgical field using point-spread function and blind convolution.

Project - Deliverables

1 A prototype micro camera and illuminator system
2 Calibration and imaging software
3 3D reconstruction algorithms and software

Project - Benefits to IAB

  • Micro-ranging system with an accuracy of 300 μm or less with application in laser operation, circuit manufacturing, etc.
  • The potential of the micro-ranger to provide the surgeon, operating on a larynx, with an enhanced representation of the field through the use of 3D graphic overlays.

Project - Documents

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