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Welcome to the CVDI Collaboration Wiki

Upcoming CVDI Events

If you have a CVDI event or meeting that you would like to add to the Google Calendar, please call Andrea at 337-482-0627 or email


CVDI’s mission is to research and develop next generation technologies in data science, big data analytics, including visual analytics, augmented intelligence, and decision informatics to enable decision makers in government and industry to fundamentally improve the way their organization’s information is interpreted and analyzed.

CVDI will bring together, analytic, visual and perceptual techniques by advancing the state-of-the-art in the research fields of Information Visualization, Visual Analytics and Automated Analysis.


  • Become a world leader in big data and data science by creating exceptional core competencies across multiple areas,
  • Create a network of diverse and complementary research sites, both here in the US and abroad, that deliver extensive technical extensive expertise to industrial partners and the research community,
  • Accelerate the creation and transfer of technology to industry and commercial products, and
  • Attract high quality student talent, and produce future workforce that have broad industrial perspective in their research that has the potential to benefit local and global economy.

In summary, the CVDI value proposition is to offer a low cost, low risk venue for the industry and government agencies to validate the early stage innovation with involvement of university faculty, post doctorate scholars and students.

LINK to CVDI Public-Facing Website:

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