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Mohamed ElSaadani, Ph.D.

Research Engineer | Assistant Research Professor - Civil Engineering | UL Lafayette

Contact Information

Phone: (337) 789-9828


  • Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Civil Engineering (Water Resources) | University of Iowa (2017)
  • Master's, Civil Engineering (Water Resources) | University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2011)
  • Bachelor's, Civil Engineering | Cairo University (2008)


Dr. ElSaadani is a research engineer at the Institute for Coastal and Water Research at UL Lafayette. Dr. ElSaadani obtained his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Hydrology and Water Resources) from the University of Iowa in 2017. His dissertation focused on hydrologic modeling and remote sensing applications in hydrology. During his Ph.D. studies, Dr. ElSaadani served as the lead scientist in multiple National Water Center (NWC) partners proposals that focused on exploring alternative routing methodologies for the National Water Model (NWM) as well as evaluating the model’s remotely sensed rainfall inputs. He also participated as a visiting scholar in the first National Flood Interoperability Experiment (NFIE) during summer 2015 where he worked extensively on evaluating and improving the performance of various hydrologic models over the Midwest. Dr. ElSaadani’s main research interests include hydrologic modeling, model evaluation using advanced statistical and mathematical methods, remote sensing applications in hydrology, and spatial statistical modeling of stream network variables.

Investigated Projects (Co-PI)

Involved Projects (Researchers)

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