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Year 7 - Funded Projects

Project ID Project Name PI
7a.001.UL Fault-tolerance Strategies for Handling Data-streams on Edge-Networks: Application to Smart Buildings Raju Gottumukkala
7a.002.SBU The Data Voyager - Interactive Visualization of Multivariate Data with Joint Data & Dimension Reduction and Continuance of the Intelligent Dashboard project Klaus Mueller
7a.003.UL Ontology-based Fast Semantic Indexing for Structured and Unstructured Data in Health Care Satya Katragadda
7a.004.DU Large-scale Probabilistic Anomaly Detection from Text and Its Application to Medical Records Xiaohua Tony Hu
7a.005.UL_UVA A Cyberinfrastructure System for Real-Time Flood Forecasting in Low-Relief Coastal Plain Basins Emad Habib, Peter Beling
7a.007.DU Novel Methods for Data Integration and Information Extraction over Complex Heterogeneous Data Yuan An
7a.010.UL Event Detection and Classification from Live Video Streams Khalid Elgazzar
7a.013.UVA Privacy Preserving Multi-Party Analytics Peter Beling
7a.014.UVA Data-Driven Dynamic Models for Exploring Systemic Risk with Unknown Inputs William Scherer
7a.016.DU A Continual Learning Framework for Domain Adaptation and Provenance Tracking Gail Rosen
7a.018.UL_UVA A Comprehensive Data Integrity/Trust Approach for IoT Infrastructures Stephen Adams, Khalid Elgazzar
7a.019.DU Image Informatics for the Characterization of Molecular Subtypes in Breast Carcinoma Tissue David Breen
7a.020.UVA Deep Learning and Adversarial Learning in Credit Card Fraud Peter Beling
7a.021.TUT Early Detection of Myocardial Infarction Using Echocardiogram Images Moncef Gabbouj
7a.022.TUT Unsupervised Color Constancy using Adversarial Learning Moncef Gabbouj
7a.024.TUT Real-Time Data Analytics Using Edge Computing Infrastructure with Application for Smart City Moncef Gabbouj, Jenni Raitoharju
7a.025.TUT Multimodal Data Integration in Intelligent Buildings Moncef Gabbouj
7a.026.TUT Improving Speech Recognition Robustness Moncef Gabbouj
7a.028.TUT Co-Botics - Intelligent Cooperating Robots and Humans - Phase-II Alexandros Iosifidis
7a.029.TUT Very Fast Nearest Neighbor Retrieval in High-Dimensional Domains Petri Myllymäki, Teemu Roos
7a.032.UVA Development of Human and Machine Predictive Maintenance and Care Service Based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Peter Beling
7a.035.UVA Improved Decision Making for Autonomous Systems Cody Fleming
7b.040.UNCC Extending Payroll Data Through Micromodeling (Proposed Project) Jean-Claude Thill
7b.041.SBU Medical Insurance Claim Prediction (Proposed Project) Minh Hoai Nguye
7b.042.SBU Immersive Data Visualization (Proposed Project) Arie E.Kaufman
7b.043.SBU Dynamic Scene Analysis (Proposed Project) Arie E. Kaufman
7b.044.SBU Human Behavior from Insole Sensor Data (Proposed Project) PI: Arie E. Kaufman
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